Writing for the Web

I got my start with writing as a newspaper reporter. That's focused, audience-aware writing.

And then in 12 years with AOL and close to 10 years with Special Olympics, I learned how to write for online audiences.

Practice really does make perfect. I'll help you with your writing or do the writing for you.

These topics from my "You Have 8 Seconds" workshop sum up my approach.

Answer Three Questions

You have to ask, “Who cares?”
You have to answer, “So what?”
And be ready to explain, “What’s the difference?”

Tell Good Stories Well

There are three kinds of stories.
There’s only one kind that gets people on your side.
Here’s the good news: you already know which stories those are.

Write to be Read

If your writing sounds good to you, it's probably too hard for most people to understand.
Make your content readable and triple the power of your writing.

Energize Your Writing

Do you give encouragement and promote empowerment?
Do you aspire, or do you DO?
Turn wordy concepts into action words to make your writing powerful.

About AtomStream

Will Schermerhorn focuses 20+ years of experience in online content and photography on your organization.

  • 8 years as a newspaper reporter.
  • 12 years with Internet pioneer AOL Inc.
  • 10 years at Special Olympics International.
  • Professional photographer for D.C. agencies and nonprofits.
  • Award-winning work as a documentary filmmaker.

Call: (703) 338-1776 | Email: will.schermerhorn@gmail.com


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