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The Power of Analytics

You don't need to be a techie to get powerful insights from Google Analytics.
It helps to know what you can learn first, and then figure out how to use that information to make decisions that are based on facts instead of hunches.

How long do people stay?

For many websites, especially nonprofits, a huge number of visits last less than 10 seconds. Making your website more engaging can change that figure, drawing more people in to your content.

How Does Your Site Look on Mobile?

Websites need to work well on mobile phones since so many people get info and look up things on the go. But do you know what fraction of your traffic comes from mobile? Google Analytics can tell you.

A Great Feature You May Not Have Heard Of

Google Analytics calls one of its most powerful features "segmentation."

You may end up calling it "magic."

Segmentation lets you see data only for particular sets of users. If you have a jobs page, you can see what all of the people did on your website who visited the Jobs page. People who never visited that page don't show up in the data.

You might want to learn about people who stayed between 10 seconds and 60 seconds. Where did they go? Where did they NOT go? Segmentation can show you that.

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  • Professional photographer for D.C. agencies and nonprofits.
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